Design, Build & Commissioning

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At DBC we originate from our client's brief to complete their custom designs ready for consent. By involving our clients in the process from start to finish our qualified team at DBC takes on the responsibility to ensure we deliver our projects within the client's original requirements.

When the level of complexity in your project is high we partner with additional industry specialists to deliver you the full 3D package while keeping DBC to be your one point of contact. We partner with M&E CAD Design to offer 3D Building Information Modelling, utilizing this service increases the efficiency of our jobs while also avoiding unnecessary expenditure. BIM modelling is able to coordinate the correct fittings, structures and equipment to straighten out clashes before the job commences.


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From start to finish DBC offers the construction services to build your design. We address all fabrication and installation tasks and follow your design accurately so your build can be completed with satisfaction.

Because at DBC we put our clients first.



With numerous systems in place DBC offers Documenting, Testing, Adjusting and Reviewing all systems and people processes to ensure your building is fully operational.

Allowing for continuous excellence in following Building Code and the resolution of complications.

If you need a robust solution for your heating, extraction, plumbing, or ventilation systems, you've come to the right place.

Get in touch with DBC Building Services today, we'd love to chat with you to see how we can help.